Planting & Delivery


Delivery Services

We offer many delivery services that include shredded bark, salt, bagged/specialty products*, and plants (trees, shrubs, etc.). Delivery hours for bulk materials are Monday-Saturday 8AM to 3PM (Saturday delivery hours vary depending on the season). The delivery window of two hours is a courtesy time frame. Delivery arrival is based on traffic, weather conditions, and prior delivery issues.

*Specialty products include items such as fountains and statuary.

Monday-Saturday: 8AM to 3PM

Planting Services

Since 1995, Leo’s has specialized in tree and shrub planting services throughout Northwest Indiana. Our experienced crews can help recommend the best fit for your landscape, inform you on proper placement, and future care for your trees and shrubs. In most cases, our largest trees can weigh over 400lbs and that’s where our services can really come in use to you. We use a mini skid steer to unload your tree and directly place it in its new home. We also add a root stimulator to the hole to give the tree a healthy start and top it off with mulch. We hope by you choosing Leo’s planting services, we can help you enhance the beauty of your yard for years to come. All nursery stock (except sale items) planted by Leo’s carries a 100% full year replacement guarantee from date of planting. One-time replacement only. Some restrictions apply.


Bushes, trees, and shrubs planted by the customer include a 50% replacement guarantee for one year from date of purchase. The guarantee will be honored in the form of a 50% credit off the original cost to put towards a replacement or a Leo’s gift card. A receipt and picture of the dead plant are required to receive credit. Please call before removing any of your plants so we can help you determine what actions should be taken. There are often times we can assist you in nursing your plants back to health if you believe they are underperforming.

What the warranty does not cover:

  • Planted too close to old stumps or roots
  • Planted in unsatisfactory soils such as gravel, rock, asphalt
  • Plants damaged by improper watering (under watering, over watering, sprinkling systems)
  • Plants damaged by weather such as lightning, storms, high winds, etc.
  • Mechanical damage (lawnmowers, weed whackers, motor vehicles)
  • Tree girdling (bark removed from around the tree)

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